You can include specific View Connection Server properties when you perform a silent installation from the command line. You must use a PROPERTY=value format so that Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) can interpret the properties and values.

MSI Properties for Silently Installing View Connection Server in a Standard Installation

MSI Property


Default Value


The path and folder in which the View Connection Server software is installed.

For example: INSTALLDIR=""D:\abc\my folder""

The sets of two double quotes that enclose the path permit the MSI installer to interpret the space as a valid part of the path.

%ProgramFiles%\VMware\VMware View\Server



The type of View server installation:

1. Standard installation

2. Replica installation

3. Security server installation

4. View Transfer Server installation

For example, to perform a standard installation, define VDM_SERVER_INSTANCE_TYPE=1



The MSI property that determines whether to configure a firewall for the View Connection Server instance.

A value of 1 configures a firewall. A value of 2 does not configure a firewall.

For example: FWCHOICE=1