After you add a View Composer database to an Oracle 11g or 10g instance, you must configure an ODBC connection to the new database to make this data source visible to the View Composer service.

These instructions assume that you are configuring the ODBC data source on Windows Server 2003 SP2.


On the vCenter Server computer, select Start > Administrative Tools > Data Source (ODBC).


From the Microsoft ODBC Data Source Administrator wizard, select the System DSN tab.


Click Add and select the appropriate Oracle driver from the list.

For example: OraDb11g_home


Click Finish.


In the Oracle ODBC Driver Configuration dialog box, type a DSN to use with View Composer, a description of the data source, and a user ID to connect to the database.

If you configured an Oracle database user ID with specific security permissions, specify this user ID.


You use the DSN when you install the View Composer service.


Specify a TNS Service Name by selecting the Global Database Name from the drop-down menu.

The Oracle Database Configuration Assistant specifies the Global Database Name.


To verify the data source, click Test Connection and click OK.

Install the new View Composer service on the vCenter Server computer. See Install the View Composer Service.