This example shows how to create two automated desktop pools that use the same desktop names, but different sets of numbers. The strategies that are used in this example achieve a specific user objective and show the flexibility of the desktop-naming methods.

The objective is to create two pools with the same naming convention such as VDIABC-XX, where XX represents a number. Each pool has a different set of sequential numbers. For example, the first pool might contain desktops VDIABC-01 through VDIABC-10. The second pool contains desktops VDIABC-11 through VDIABC-20.

You can use either desktop-naming method to satisfy this objective.

To create fixed sets of desktops at one time, specify desktop names manually.

To create desktops dynamically when users log in for the first time, provide a naming pattern and use a token to designate the sequential numbers.


Prepare a text file for the first pool that contains a list of desktop names from VDIABC-01 through VDIABC-10.


In View Administrator, create the pool and specify desktop names manually.


Click Enter Names and copy your list into the Enter Desktop Names list box.


Repeat these steps for the second pool, using the names VDIABC-11 through VDIABC-20.

For detailed instructions, see Specify a List of Desktop Names.

You can add desktops to each pool after it is created. For example, you can add desktops VDIABC-21 through VDIABC-30 to the first pool, and VDIABC-31 through VDIABC-40 to the second pool. See Add Desktops to an Automated Pool Provisioned by a List of Names.


In View Administrator, create the first pool and use a naming pattern to provision the desktop names.


In the naming-pattern text box, type VDIABC-0{n}.


Limit the pool's maximum size to 9.


Repeat these steps for the second pool, but in the naming-pattern text box, type VDIABC-1{n}.

The first pool contains desktops VDIABC-01 through VDIABC-09. The second pool contains desktops VDIABC-11 through VDIABC-19.

Alternatively, you can configure the pools to contain up to 99 desktops each by using a fixed-length token of 2 digits:

For the first pool, type VDIABC-0{n:fixed=2}.

For the second pool, type VDIABC-1{n:fixed=2}.

Limit each pool's maximum size to 99. This configuration produces desktops that contain a 3-digit sequential naming pattern.

First pool:


Second pool:


For details about naming patterns and tokens, see Using a Naming Pattern for Automated Desktop Pools.