When you assign a tag to a desktop pool, only users who connect to a View Connection Server instance that has a matching tag can access the desktops in that pool.

You can assign a tag when you add or edit a desktop pool.

Assign tags to one or more View Connection Server instances.


In View Administrator, select Inventory > Pools.


Select the pool that you want to assign a tag to.



Assign a tag to a new pool

Click Add to start the Add Pool wizard and define and identify the pool.

Assign a tag to an existing pool

Select the pool and click Edit.


Go to the Pool Settings page.



Pool settings for a new pool

Click Pool Settings in the Add Pool wizard.

Pool settings for an existing pool

Select the Pool Settings tab.


Click Browse next to Connection Server restrictions and configure the View Connection Server instances that can access the desktop pool.



Make the pool accessible to any View Connection Server instance

Select No Restrictions.

Make the pool accessible only to View Connection Server instances that have those tags

Select Restrict to these tags and select one or more tags. You can use the check boxes to select multiple tags.


Click OK to save your changes.