In a dedicated-assignment pool, you can assign a user to be the owner of a desktop. Only the assigned user can log in and connect to the desktop.

View Manager assigns desktops to users in these situations.

When you create a pool and select the Enable automatic assignment setting.


If you select the Enable automatic assignment setting, you can still manually assign desktops to users.

When you create an automated pool, select the Specify desktop names manually setting, and provide user names with the desktop names.

If you do not select either setting in a dedicated-assignment pool, users do not have access to desktops. You must manually assign a desktop to each user.

You can also use the vdmadmin command to assign desktops to users. See Assigning Dedicated Desktops Using the ‑L Option.

Verify that the desktop belongs to a dedicated-assignment pool. In View Administrator, the pool assignment appears in the Settings tab on the desktop pool's page.

Verify that the desktop is not checked out for use in local mode. You cannot assign users or remove user assignments while desktops are checked out.


In View Administrator, click Inventory > Desktops, or click Inventory > Pools, double-click a pool ID, and select the Inventory tab.


Select the desktop.


Click More Commands > Assign User.


Choose whether to find users or groups, select a domain, and type a search string in the Name or Description text box.


Select the user or group name and click OK.