You can restore configuration data of a View Connection Server instance by importing a backup copy of the data stored in an LDIF file.

You use the vdmimport command to import the data from the LDIF file to the View LDAP repository in the View Connection Server instance.

For information about backing up the View LDAP repository, see Backing Up View Connection Server and View Composer Data.

Locate the vdmimport command executable file installed with View Connection Server in the default path.

C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware View\Server\tools\bin

Log in to a View Connection Server instance as a user in the Administrators role.


Select Start > Command Prompt.


At the command prompt, type the vdmimport command and specify an existing LDIF file as the argument to the -f parameter.

For example:

vdmimport -f Myexport.LDF

The vdmimport command updates the View LDAP repository in View Connection Server with the configuration data from the LDIF file.

For more information about the vdmimport command, see the VMware View Integration document.