You can create a Microsoft Terminal Services pool that provisions desktops from terminal server desktop sources. You must select the desktop sources that make up View desktops in the pool.

Prepare the terminal server desktop sources to deliver View desktop access. View Agent must be installed and running on each desktop source. See Preparing Unmanaged Desktop Sources.

Make a list of the terminal server desktop sources that you want to include in the pool.

Decide how to configure desktop settings. See Desktop Settings for Microsoft Terminal Services Pools. For descriptions of each desktop setting, see Desktop and Pool Settings.

Provide a pool ID that users see when they log in and that identifies the pool in View Administrator. If multiple vCenter Servers are running in your environment, make sure that another vCenter Server is not using the same pool ID.


In View Administrator, click Inventory > Pools.


Click Add.


Select Microsoft Terminal Services Desktop Pool.


Follow the prompts in the wizard to create the pool.

Use the configuration information you gathered in the worksheet. you can go directly back to any wizard page you completed by clicking the page name in the navigation panel.

In View Administrator, you can view the desktops as they are added to the pool by clicking Inventory > Desktops.

Entitle users to access the pool. See Add Entitlements to Desktop Pools.