If the network-shared folder or local folder on which the Transfer Server repository is configured becomes corrupted, you must recreate the Transfer Server repository on a functioning folder.

This situation occurs if the network share or local drive is inaccessible and you cannot access the Transfer Server package files that are stored in the configured folder. In this case, you cannot manually copy the package files from the corrupted folder to a new one.

Familiarize yourself with configuring a Transfer Server repository. See Configure the Transfer Server Repository.

Familiarize yourself with removing and adding View Transfer Server in View Manager and placing View Transfer Server in maintenance mode. See Managing View Transfer Server.

Familiarize yourself with publishing and deleting packages in the Transfer Server repository. See Publish Package Files in the Transfer Server Repository and Delete a Package File from the Transfer Server Repository.


Remove all instances of View Transfer Server from View Manager.

When all instances of View Transfer Server are removed, View Manager deletes the Transfer Server repository configuration, including the path and related information.


Configure a new path and folder for a network share or local drive.

Follow the same procedure you use when you create a new Transfer Server repository.


Add the View Transfer Server instances to View Manager.


Place the View Transfer Server instances in maintenance mode.


Configure the Transfer Server repository in View Manager, specifying the new network share or local path.

View Transfer Server validates the new Transfer Server repository path. The status of each package is Missing Package.


Return each View Transfer Server instance to a Ready state by exiting maintenance mode.


Delete the displaced packages from the Transfer Server repository.


Republish the packages to the Transfer Server repository.

Use the original parent virtual machines and snapshots to publish the View Composer base images as packages in the repository.