The logging group policy settings determine the name, location, and behavior of the View Persona Management log files.

Group Policy Setting


Logging filename

Specifies the full pathname of the local View Persona Management log file.

On Windows 7 computers, the default path is ProgramData\VMware\VDM\logs\filename.

On Windows XP computers, the default path is All Users\Application Data\VMware\VDM\logs\filename.

The default logging filename is VMWVvp.txt.

Logging destination

Determines whether to write all log messages to the log file, the debug port, or both destinations.

By default, logging messages are sent to the log file.

Logging flags

Determines the types of messages to log. When this setting is configured, you can select any or all log message types to generate:

Log error messages.

Log information messages.

Log debug messages.

By default, error and information log message types are generated.

Debug flags

Determines the types of debug messages to log. View Persona Management handles debug messages in the same way that it handles log messages. When this setting is enabled, you can select any or all debug message types to generate:

Debug error messages

Debug information messages

Debug registry messages

Debug IRQL messages

Debug port messages

Debug process messages

By default, no debug messages are generated.