When you detach a View Composer persistent disk, the linked clone is deleted. You can give the original user access to the detached user settings and information by recreating the linked-clone desktop from the detached disk.


If you recreate a linked-clone desktop in a pool that has reached its maximum size, the recreated desktop is still added to the pool. The pool grows larger than the specified maximum size.

If a persistent disk's original pool or user was deleted from View Manager, you can assign a new one to the persistent disk. See Edit a View Composer Persistent Disk's Pool or User.


In View Administrator, click Inventory > Persistent Disks.


Click the Detached tab.


Select the persistent disk.

You can select multiple persistent disks to recreate a linked-clone desktop for each disk.


Click Recreate Desktop.


Click OK.

View Manager creates a linked-clone desktop for each persistent disk you select and adds the desktop to the original pool.

The persistent disks remain on the datastore where they were stored.