General Terminal Services group policies include settings that control log in and log off behavior, remote sessions, and desktop appearance.

General Terminal Services Policy Settings describes the Computer Configuration Terminal Services group policy settings that you can use to manage View desktops.

General Terminal Services Policy Settings



Enforce Removal of Remote Desktop Wallpaper

Enabling this setting enforces the removal of wallpaper during a remote session, enhancing the user experience over low-bandwidth connections.

Limit maximum color depth

Enabling this setting lets you specify the color depth of View desktop sessions.

Allow users to connect remotely using Terminal Services

Enabling this setting allows users to connect remotely to the target computer.

Remove Windows Security item from Start Menu

Disabling this setting makes the Windows Security item appear in the Settings menu, ensuring that users have a logoff mechanism.

Remove Disconnect option from Shut Down dialog

Enabling this setting removes the Disconnect option from the Shut Down Windows dialog box, reducing the possibility of users disconnecting instead of logging off.