All desktop sources that vCenter Server manages are registered when you install View Agent. You can unregister only unmanaged desktop sources.

Unmanaged desktop sources include virtual machines that are not managed by vCenter Server, physical computers, blade PCs, and Terminal Services sources.

When you unregister a desktop source, it becomes unavailable in View Manager. To make a source available again, reinstall View Agent in the desktop source.

Verify that the desktop sources that you want to unregister are not being used in any desktop pools.


Click View Configuration > Registered desktop sources.


Select the type of unmanaged desktop source and click Details.


Select the desktop source to unregister and click Unregister.

You can select only desktop sources that are not being used by a desktop pool.


Click OK to confirm that you want to unregister the desktop source.

The desktop source is unregistered and no longer available.