You can personalize the linked-clone desktops that are created from a parent virtual machine by using the QuickPrep system tool. View Composer executes QuickPrep when a linked-clone desktop is created or recomposed.

QuickPrep customizes a linked-clone desktop in several ways:

Gives the computer a name that you specify when you create the linked-clone pool.

Creates a computer account in Active Directory, joining the computer to the appropriate domain.

Mounts the View Composer persistent disk. The Windows user profile is redirected to this disk.

Redirects temp and paging files to a separate disk.

These steps might require the linked clones to restart one or more times.

QuickPrep uses KMS volume license keys to activate Windows 7 and Windows Vista linked-clone desktops. For details, see Activating Windows 7 and Windows Vista on Linked-Clone Desktops.

You can create your own scripts to further customize the linked clones. QuickPrep can run two types of scripts at predefined times:

After linked clones are created or recomposed

Immediately before linked clones are powered off

For guidelines and rules for using QuickPrep customization scripts, see Running QuickPrep Customization Scripts.


View Composer requires domain user credentials to join linked-clone desktops to an Active Directory domain. For details, see Create a User Account for View Composer.