You can use the vdmadmin command with the -T option to set the split limit for publishing View Transfer Server packages. You might want to specify a split limit if you use a proxy cache that defines a maximum object size for its cache.

vdmadmin -T [-packagelimit  size]

On a network with a proxy cache, you can improve performance by limiting the size of published View Transfer Server package files so that they are no larger than the maximum object size of the cache. If you specify a split limit, View Transfer Server divides a package file into parts that are no larger than the limit.

The -packagelimit option specifies the size of the split limit in bytes. If you do not specify this option, the command returns the current split limit.

Set the split limit to 100MB.

vdmadmin -T -packagelimit 104857600

Display the current split limit.

vdmadmin -T