Create GPOs to contain group policies for View components and location-based printing and link them to the OU for your View desktops.

Create an OU for your View desktops.

Verify that the Microsoft MMC and the Group Policy Object Editor snap-in are available on your Active Directory server.


On your Active Directory server, select Start > All Programs > Administrative Tools > Active Directory Users and Computers.


Right-click the OU that contains your View desktops and select Properties.


On the Group Policy tab, click Open to open the Group Policy Management plug-in.


Right-click the OU and select Create and Link a GPO Here.


Type a name for the GPO and click OK.

The new GPO appears under the OU in the left pane.


(Optional) To apply the GPO only to specific View desktops in the OU:


Select the GPO in the left pane.


Select Security Filtering > Add.


Type the computer names of the View desktops and click OK.

The View desktops appear in the Security Filtering pane. The settings in the GPO apply only to these View desktops.

Add the View ADM templates to the GPO for group policies.