You can update linked-clone desktops by creating a new base image on the parent virtual machine and using the recompose feature to distribute the updated image to the linked clones.

Before you recompose a linked-clone desktop pool, you must update the parent virtual machine that you used as a base image for the linked clones.

Desktop recomposition simultaneously updates all the linked-clone desktops anchored to a parent virtual machine.

You can recompose linked-clone desktops that can run in local mode. However, the desktops must be checked in or rolled back to the datacenter before the recompose operation can take place.

In a desktop recomposition, you can provide operating system patches, install or update applications, or modify the desktop hardware settings in all the linked clones in a desktop pool.

You can correct a recomposition that failed. You can also take action if you accidentally recompose linked clones using a different base image than the one you intended to use.