A View Composer base-image package can contain files that are larger than a gigabyte, too large for many proxy servers to cache. You can configure View Transfer Server to split base-image packages into files that are no larger than the capacity of the proxy-server cache.

When you publish a package in the Transfer Server repository, View Transfer Server creates package files of the specified size. You must configure the size limit before you begin publishing packages to the repository. View Transfer Server does not split existing package files to conform to the size limit.

You can set this value on any View Connection Server instance in a replicated group. When you change View LDAP, the change is propagated to all the replicated View Connection Server instances.

Familiarize yourself with using the vdmadmin command with the -T option. See Setting the Split Limit for Publishing View Transfer Server Packages Using the ‑T Option.


Start a Windows command prompt on your View Connection Server computer.


Type the vdmadmin command with the -T option.

vdmadmin -T [-packagelimit size_in_bytes]

By default, the path to the vdmadmin command executable file is C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware View\Server\tools\bin.

Set the package-file split limit to 100MB.

vdmadmin -T -packagelimit 104857600

Display the current package-file split limit.

vdmadmin -T