You enable a View Connection Server instance for RSA SecurID authentication by modifying View Connection Server settings in View Administrator.

Install and configure the RSA SecurID software.

Export the sdconf.rec file for the View Connection Server instance from RSA Authentication Manager. See the RSA Authentication Manager documentation for more information.


In View Administrator, select View Configuration > Servers.


In View Connection Servers, select the View Connection Server instance and click Edit.


On the Authentication tab, select Enable under RSA Secure ID 2-Factor Authentication.


(Optional) To force RSA SecurID user names to match user names in Active Directory, select Enforce SecurID and Windows user name matching.

If you select this option, users must use the same RSA SecurID user name for Active Directory authentication. If you do not select this option, the names can be different.


Click Upload File, type the location of the sdconf.rec file, or click Browse to search for the file.


Click OK to save your changes.

You do not need to restart the View Connection Server service. The necessary configuration files are distributed automatically and the RSA SecurID configuration takes effect immediately.