You can configure a View Connection Server instance so that users are required to use RSA SecurID authentication before providing their Active Directory credentials.

Because RSA SecurID authentication works with RSA Authentication Manager, an RSA Authentication Manager server is required and must be directly accessible from the View Connection Server host.

To use RSA SecurID authentication, each user must have a SecurID token that is registered with RSA Authentication Manager. An RSA SecurID token is a piece of hardware or software that generates an authentication code at fixed intervals. RSA SecurID provides two-factor authentication by requiring knowledge of both a PIN and an authentication code. The authentication code is available only on the RSA SecurID token.

If you have multiple View Connection Server instances, you can configure RSA SecurID authentication on some instances and a different user authentication method on others. For example, you can configure RSA SecurID authentication only for users who access View desktops remotely over the Internet.

VMware View is certified through the RSA SecurID Ready program and supports the full range of SecurID capabilities, including New PIN Mode, Next Token Code Mode, RSA Authentication Manager, and load balancing.

When a user connects to a View Connection Server instance that has RSA SecurID authentication enabled, a RSA SecurID login dialog box appears in View Client.

You enable a View Connection Server instance for RSA SecurID authentication by modifying View Connection Server settings in View Administrator.

Access is denied when View Client connects with RSA SecurID authentication.