You can initiate replications for desktops that run in local mode. Your request can start a replication before the next scheduled replication. If the client policy allows it, an end user who has checked out a local desktop can also initiate a replication from within View Client.

If you initiate a replication while View Client with Local Mode is already replicating data, your replication starts after the previous replication is completed. Your pending request does not abort the previous replication.


In View Administrator, click Monitoring > Local Sessions.


Select local desktops.


Click Initiate Replication.


Choose whether to start the replication at the next connection between the local desktop and the datacenter.




Starts the replication the next time View Client is running and the desktop contacts the datacenter.


Cancels your replication request.

If you requested a replication previously and it has not started yet, you can select No to cancel the pending replication.


Click OK.

The replication starts the next time View Client is running and the client computer contacts the datacenter. If a replication is already active, your replication starts when the previous replication is completed.

If you initiated the replication because you need to have the desktop checked back in without end-user interaction, you can roll back the local desktop after the replication is complete. See Roll Back a Locally Checked-Out Desktop.