You can reduce datacenter costs associated with bandwidth, memory, and CPU resources by requiring that View desktops be downloaded and used only in local mode.

When a View desktop is configured to run only in local mode, end users see that a download and check out are required when they select the desktop in View Client. The options of connecting to the desktop and checking it in are not available to end users.

Verify that the View desktop meets all the requirements for running in local mode.

See Overview of Setting Up a Local Desktop Deployment.

Familiarize yourself with the policies and settings specific to local mode.

See Managing Data Transfers.


In View Administrator, view the policy for the appropriate level.



All desktops and pools

Select Policies > Global Policies > View Policies panel, and click Edit Policies.

Single pool

Select Inventory > Pools > specific_pool . On the Policies tab, in the View Policies panel, click Edit Policies.

Single user

Select Inventory > Pools > specific_pool , and on the Policies tab, click User Overrides.


Set the Remote Mode View policy to Deny.



All desktops and pools or a single pool

In the Edit View Policies dialog box, set Remote Mode to Deny and click OK.

Single user

Complete the Add User wizard to specify the user and set Remote Mode to Deny.

The desktop now requires a download and check out.

If you want to prevent end users from checking the desktop in again, set the User-initiated check in policy to Deny.

If you want to prevent end users from rolling the desktop back, set the User-initiated rollback policy to Deny.