View Transfer Server manages and streamlines data transfers between the datacenter and local desktops. View Transfer Server is required to support desktops that run View Client with Local Mode.

View Transfer Server sends data between the remote and local desktops in several situations.

When a user checks in or checks out a desktop, View Manager authorizes and manages the operation. View Transfer Server transfers the files between the datacenter and the local desktop.

View Transfer Server synchronizes local desktops with the corresponding desktops in the datacenter by replicating user-generated changes to the datacenter.

Replications occur at intervals that you specify in local-mode policies. You can also initiate replications in View Administrator. You can set a policy that lets users initiate replications from their local desktops.

View Transfer Server distributes common system data from the datacenter to local clients. View Transfer Server downloads View Composer base images from the Transfer Server repository to local desktops.

An event such as a network outage or the removal of View Transfer Server from View Manager can interrupt active data transfers. View Transfer Server resumes the paused transfers when the components are running again.