To allow check-out operations to proceed for local mode, you must set permissions on the base-image package files that were copied to the check-out directory on the client computer.

You must remove the read-only attribute on the package files and give the user Full control privilege on the directory and all the files it contains.

This example describes how to set permissions on a Windows 7 computer. On other operating systems, you might take slightly different steps.

Verify that you copied the package files to a directory on the client computer. See Copy the Base-Image Files to the Client Computer.


Log in to the Windows 7 guest operating system, click the Libraries icon, and navigate to the check-out directory.


Right-click the check-out directory and click Properties.


Click the Security tab and click Edit.


In the Group or user names list, select the name of the user who will check out the desktop.

If the user name is not in the list, click Add and add the user name.


Check Full control in the Allow column and click OK.


Click the General tab and deselect Read-only (Only applies to files in folder).

Make sure that the check box is fully deselected.


In the Confirm Attribute Changes dialog box, make sure that Apply changes to this folder, subfolders and files is selected and click OK.