View LDAP is the data repository for all View Manager configuration information. View LDAP is an embedded Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory that is provided with the View Connection Server installation.

View LDAP contains standard LDAP directory components that are used by View Manager.

View Manager schema definitions

Directory information tree (DIT) definitions

Access control lists (ACLs)

View LDAP contains directory entries that represent View Manager objects.

View desktop entries that represent each accessible desktop. Each entry contains references to the Foreign Security Principal (FSP) entries of Windows users and groups in Active Directory who are authorized to use the desktop.

View desktop pool entries that represent multiple desktops managed together

Virtual machine entries that represent the vCenter Server virtual machine for each desktop

View Manager component entries that store configuration settings

View LDAP also contains a set of View Manager plug-in DLLs that provide automation and notification services for other View Manager components.


Security server instances do not contain a View LDAP directory.