The location-based printing feature maps printers that are physically near client systems to View desktops, enabling users to print to their local and network printers from their View desktops.

The location-based printing feature is available for both Windows and non-Windows client systems. Location-based printing allows IT organizations to map View desktops to the printer that is closest to the endpoint client device. For example, as a doctor moves from room to room in a hospital, each time the doctor prints a document, the print job is sent to the nearest printer. Using this feature does require that the correct printer drivers be installed in the View desktop.

You set up location-based printing by configuring the Active Directory group policy setting AutoConnect Map Additional Printers for VMware View, which is located in the Microsoft Group Policy Object Editor in the Software Settings folder under Computer Configuration.


AutoConnect Map Additional Printers for VMware View is a computer-specific policy. Computer-specific policies apply to all View desktops, regardless of who connects to the desktop.

AutoConnect Map Additional Printers for VMware View is implemented as a name translation table. You use each row in the table to identify a specific printer and define a set of translation rules for that printer. The translation rules determine whether the printer is mapped to the View desktop for a particular client system.

When a user connects to a View desktop, View compares the client system to the translation rules associated with each printer in the table. If the client system meets all of the translation rules set for a printer, or if a printer has no associated translation rules, View maps the printer to the View desktop during the user's session.

You can define translation rules based on the client system's IP address, name, and MAC address, and on the user's name and group. You can specify one translation rule, or a combination of several translation rules, for a specific printer.

The information used to map the printer to the View desktop is stored in a registry entry on the View desktop in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\thinprint\tpautoconnect.


Before you can configure the group policy setting for location-based printing, you must register the DLL file TPVMGPoACmap.dll.


To set up location-based printing, you configure the AutoConnect Map Additional Printers for VMware View group policy setting. The group policy setting is a name translation table that maps printers to View desktops.