To assist VMware Technical Support in troubleshooting View Agent, you might need to use the vdmadmin command to create a Data Collection Tool (DCT) bundle.

You must be logged into a standard or replica instance View Connection Server as a user in the Administrators role.

To specify the names of the output bundle file, desktop pool, and machine, use the -outfile, -d, and -m options with the vdmadmin command.

vdmadmin -A [-b authentication_arguments] -getDCT -outfile local_file -d desktop -m machine

The command writes the bundle to the specified output file.

Create the DCT bundle for the machine machine1 in the desktop pool dtpool2 and write it to the zip file C:\

vdmadmin -A -d dtpool2 -m machine1 -getDCT -outfile C:\

If you have an existing support request, you can update it by attaching the DCT bundle file.