Before implementing restricted entitlements, you must be aware of certain considerations and limitations.

A single View Connection Server instance or desktop pool can have multiple tags.

Multiple View Connection Server instances and desktop pools can have the same tag.

Desktop pools that do not have any tags can be accessed by any View Connection Server instance.

View Connection Server instances that do not have any tags can only access desktop pools that also do not have any tags.

If you use a security server, you must configure restricted entitlements on the View Connection Server instance the security server is paired with. You cannot configure restricted entitlements on a security server.

You cannot modify or remove a tag from a View Connection Server instance if that tag is still assigned to a desktop pool and no other View Connection Server instances have a matching tag.

Restricted entitlements take precedence over other desktop entitlements. For example, even if a user is entitled to a particular desktop, the user will not be able to access that desktop if the desktop pool's tag does not match the tag assigned to the View Connection Server instance that the user connected to.