You can edit the settings for individual Citrix-published applications and desktops in your VMware Identity Manager deployment from the Catalog > Settings > Citrix Published Application pages.

The ICA Configuration page is configured for individual applications. The ICA properties text boxes for individual applications are empty until you manually add properties. When you edit the application delivery settings, the ICA properties, of an individual Citrix-published resource, those settings take precedence over the global settings.

In the NetScaler Configuration page, you can configure the service with the appropriate settings so that when users launch Citrix based applications, the traffic is routed through NetScaler to the XenApp server.

When you edit the ICA properties in the Citrix Published Applications > Netscaler ICA Configuration tab, the settings apply to application launch traffic that is routed through NetScaler.

For information about configuring ICA properties, see the Configuring NetScaler topic and the Editing VMware Identity Manager Application Delivery Settings for a Single Citrix-Published Resource topic in the documentation center.