With VMware Identity Manager, you can centrally distribute and manage ThinApp packages. You must enable VMware Identity Manager to locate the repository that stores ThinApp packages and sync the packages with VMware Identity Manager.

You populate your catalog with Windows applications captured as ThinApp packages by performing the following tasks.


If the ThinApp packages to which you want to provide users access do not already exist, create ThinApp packages that are compatible with VMware Identity Manager. See the VMware ThinApp documentation.


Create a network share and populate it with the compatible ThinApp packages.


Configure VMware Identity Manager to integrate with the packages on the network share.

When you click ThinApp Application from the Catalog > Manage Desktop Applications menu, you are redirected to the Packaged Apps - ThinApp page. Select Enable packaged applications. Enter the ThinApp repository location and configure the sync frequency.

After you perform these tasks, the ThinApp packages that you added to the network share are now available as resources in your catalog.

For detailed information about configuring VMware Identity Manager to distribute and manage ThinApp packages, see Providing Access to VMware ThinApp Packages in the Setting Up Resources guide.