Directory sync safeguards can be configured to help prevent unintended changes to the users and groups that sync to the directory. The sync safeguard triggers that are set limit the number of changes that can be made to the User and Groups when the directory syncs.

The safeguards settings allow you to monitor relatively large changes to users and groups when syncing from Active Directory. If any directory safeguard trigger condition is met, the directory synchronization stops, and the sync frequency schedule is automatically changed to run manually. Review the sync logs to see the lists of alerts that are issued.

After you resolve the safeguard trigger issues, you must manually start the sync and update the sync frequency schedule.


To change the safeguards settings, in the Identity & Access Management tab select Manage > Directories.


Select the directory to set the safeguards and click Sync Settings


Click Safeguards.


Set the percentage of changes to trigger the sync to fail.


Click Save.