You can add Web applications to your catalog directly using the Catalog page in the administration console.

See Setting Up Resources in VMware Identity Manager, Providing Access to Web Applications chapter for detailed instructions about adding a Web application to your catalog.

The following instructions provide an overview of the steps involved in adding these types of resources to your catalog.


In the administration console, click the Catalog tab.


Click + Add Application.


Click an option depending on the resource type, and the location of the application.

Link Name

Resource Type


Web Application ...from the cloud application catalog

Web application

VMware Identity Manager includes access to default Web applications available in the cloud application catalog that you can add to your catalog as resources.

Web Application ... create a new one

Web application

By filling out the appropriate form, you can create an application record for the Web applications you want to add to your catalog as resources.

Web Application ... import a ZIP or JAR file

Web application

You can import a Web application that you previously configured. You might want to use this method to roll a deployment from staging to production. In such a situation, you export a Web application from the staging deployment as a ZIP file. You then import the ZIP file into the production deployment.


Follow the prompts to finish adding resources to the catalog.