Data Object - VirtualMachineSnapshotTree

Property of
VirtualMachineSnapshotInfo, VirtualMachineSnapshotTree
See also
VirtualMachine, VirtualMachinePowerState, VirtualMachineSnapshot,

Data Object Description

SnapshotTree encapsulates all the read-only data produced by the snapshot.


Name Type Description
childSnapshotList*VirtualMachineSnapshotTree[] The snapshot data for all snapshots for which this snapshot is the parent.
createTimexsd:dateTime The date and time the snapshot was taken.
descriptionxsd:string Description of the snapshot.
namexsd:string Name of the snapshot.
quiescedxsd:boolean Flag to indicate whether or not the snapshot was created with the "quiesce" option, ensuring a consistent state of the file system.
to a VirtualMachineSnapshot
The managed object for this snapshot.
stateVirtualMachinePowerState The power state of the virtual machine when this snapshot was taken.
to a VirtualMachine
The virtual machine for which the snapshot was taken.
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