Data Object - ScheduledTaskInfo

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LocalizedMethodFault, ManagedEntity, ScheduledTask, Task, TaskInfoState

Data Object Description

The scheduled task details.


Name Type Description
to a Task
The running task instance when the scheduled task state is "running".
to a ManagedEntity
The entity on which the scheduled task is registered.
error*LocalizedMethodFault The fault code when the scheduled task state is "error".
lastModifiedTimexsd:dateTime The time the scheduled task is created or modified.
lastModifiedUserxsd:string Last user that modified the scheduled task.
nextRunTime*xsd:dateTime The next time the scheduled task will run.
prevRunTime*xsd:dateTime The last time the scheduled task ran.
progress*xsd:int The task progress when the scheduled task state is "running".
result*xsd:anyType The operation result when the scheduled task state is "success".
to a ScheduledTask
Scheduled task object.
stateTaskInfoState Scheduled task state.
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