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AboutInfo, HostAutoStartManagerConfig, HostDiagnosticPartition, HostFileSystemVolumeInfo, HostFirewallInfo, HostHyperThreadScheduleInfo, HostNetCapabilities, HostNetOffloadCapabilities, HostNetworkInfo, HostServiceInfo, HostStorageDeviceInfo, HostSystem, HostSystemResourceInfo, HostVMotionInfo, OptionDef, OptionValue, ServiceConsoleReservationInfo

Data Object Description

This data object type encapsulates a typical set of host configuration information that is useful for displaying and configuring a host.

VirtualCenter can retrieve this set of information very efficiently even for a large set of hosts.


Name Type Description
activeDiagnosticPartition*HostDiagnosticPartition The diagnostic partition that will be set as the current diagnostic partition on the host.
autoStart*HostAutoStartManagerConfig AutoStart configuration.
capabilities*HostNetCapabilities Capability vector indicating the available network features.
consoleReservation*ServiceConsoleReservationInfo Memory configuration.
datastorePrincipal*xsd:string Datastore principal user
fileSystemVolume*HostFileSystemVolumeInfo Storage system file system volume information.
firewall*HostFirewallInfo Firewall configuration.
to a HostSystem
A reference to a managed object on a host.
hyperThread*HostHyperThreadScheduleInfo If hyperthreading is supported, this is the CPU configuration for optimizing hyperthreading.
network*HostNetworkInfo Network system information.
offloadCapabilities*HostNetOffloadCapabilities capabilities to offload operations either to the host or to physical hardware when a virtual machine is transmitting on a network
option*OptionValue[] Host configuration options as defined by the OptionValue data object type.
optionDef*OptionDef[] A list of supported options.
productAboutInfo Information about a product.
service*HostServiceInfo Host service configuration.
storageDevice*HostStorageDeviceInfo Storage system information.
systemResources*HostSystemResourceInfo Reference for the system resource hierarchy, used for configuring the set of resources reserved to the system and unavailable to virtual machines.
vmotion*HostVMotionInfo VMotion system information.
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