Fault - DuplicateName

Thrown by
AddCustomFieldDef, CreateAlarm, CreateCluster, CreateDatacenter, CreateFolder, CreateLocalDatastore, CreateNasDatastore, CreateResourcePool, CreateScheduledTask, CreateVM_Task, CreateVmfsDatastore, MoveInto_Task, MoveIntoFolder_Task, MoveIntoResourcePool, ReconfigureAlarm, ReconfigureScheduledTask, ReconfigVM_Task, RegisterVM_Task, Rename_Task, RenameCustomFieldDef, RenameDatastore, UpdateConfig

Fault Description

A DuplicateName exception is thrown because a name already exists in the same name space.


Name Type Description
namexsd:string The name that is already bound in the name space.
objectManagedObjectReference Managed object that already holds the name.
Properties inherited from VimFault
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dynamicProperty, dynamicType

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