Data Object - ClusterConfigSpec

Parameter to
CreateCluster, ReconfigureCluster_Task
See also
ClusterDasConfigInfo, ClusterDasVmConfigSpec, ClusterDrsConfigInfo, ClusterDrsVmConfigSpec, ClusterRuleSpec

Data Object Description

A complete cluster configuration. All fields are defined as optional. In case of a reconfiguration, unset fields are unchanged.


Name Type Description
dasConfig*ClusterDasConfigInfo Changes to the configuration of VMware HA.
dasVmConfigSpec*ClusterDasVmConfigSpec[] Changes to the per-virtual-machine VMware HA settings.
drsConfig*ClusterDrsConfigInfo Changes to the configuration of the VMware DRS service.
drsVmConfigSpec*ClusterDrsVmConfigSpec[] Changes to the per-virtual-machine DRS settings.
rulesSpec*ClusterRuleSpec[] Changes to the set of rules.
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