Data Object - TaskInfo

Property of
Task, TaskEvent, TaskHistoryCollector
Returned by
ReadNextTasks, ReadPreviousTasks
See also
LocalizedMethodFault, ManagedEntity, Task, TaskInfoState, TaskReason

Data Object Description

This data object type contains all information about a task. A task represents an operation performed by VirtualCenter or ESX.


Name Type Description
cancelablexsd:boolean Flag to indicate whether or not the cancel task operation is supported.
cancelledxsd:boolean Flag to indicate whether or not the client requested cancellation of the task.
completeTime*xsd:dateTime Time stamp when the task was completed (whether success or failure).
descriptionIdxsd:string An identifier for this operation. This includes publicly visible internal tasks and is a lookup in the TaskDescription methodInfo data object.
to a ManagedEntity
Managed entity to which the operation applies.
entityName*xsd:string The name of the managed entity, locale-specific, retained for the history collector database.
error*LocalizedMethodFault If the task state is "error", then this property contains the fault code.
eventChainIdxsd:int Event chain ID that leads to the corresponding events.
keyxsd:string The unique key for the task.
to a ManagedEntity[]
If the state of the task is "running", then this property is a list of managed entities that the operation has locked, with a shared lock.
name*xsd:string The name of the operation that created the task. This is not set for internal tasks.
progress*xsd:int If the task state is "running", then this property contains a progress measurement, expressed as percentage completed, from 0 to 100.

If this property is not set, then the command does not report progress.

queueTimexsd:dateTime Time stamp when the task was created.
reasonTaskReason Kind of entity responsible for creating this task.
result*xsd:anyType If the task state is "success", then this property may be used to hold a return value.
startTime*xsd:dateTime Time stamp when the task started running.
stateTaskInfoState Runtime status of the task.
to a Task
The managed object that represents this task.
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