Managed Object - Task

Property of
HostVMotionManagerDestinationState, ManagedEntity, ScheduledTaskInfo, TaskInfo, TaskInProgress, TaskManager
Returned by
AddHost_Task, AddStandaloneHost_Task, CloneVM_Task, CreateSnapshot_Task, CreateVM_Task, CustomizeVM_Task, Destroy_Task, DisconnectHost_Task, EnterMaintenanceMode_Task, ExitMaintenanceMode_Task, GenerateLogBundles_Task, MigrateVM_Task, MoveHostInto_Task, MoveInto_Task, MoveIntoFolder_Task, PowerOffVM_Task, PowerOnVM_Task, RebootHost_Task, ReconfigureCluster_Task, ReconfigureHostForDAS_Task, ReconfigVM_Task, ReconnectHost_Task, RegisterVM_Task, RelocateVM_Task, RemoveAllSnapshots_Task, RemoveSnapshot_Task, Rename_Task, ResetVM_Task, RevertToCurrentSnapshot_Task, RevertToSnapshot_Task, SearchDatastore_Task, SearchDatastoreSubFolders_Task, ShutdownHost_Task, SuspendVM_Task, UnregisterAndDestroy_Task, UpgradeTools_Task, UpgradeVM_Task
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Managed Object Description

A task is used to monitor and potentially cancel long running operations.


Name Type Description
infoTaskInfo Detailed information about this task.


Methods defined in this Managed Object


Cancels a running or queued task. A task may only be canceled if it is cancelable. Multiple cancel requests will be treated as a single cancelation request. Canceling a completed or already canceled task will have no effect on the task.

If a task is canceled, its runtime state will be set to error and its error state will be set to RequestCanceled.

A cancel operation is asynchronous. The operation may return before the task is canceled.

Required Privileges


_thisManagedObjectReference A reference to the Task used to make the method call.

Return Value

Type Description


Type Description
NotSupportedThrown if the task is not cancelable.
RuntimeFaultThrown if any type of runtime fault is thrown that is not covered by the other faults; for example, a communication error.

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