Data Object - PerfQuerySpec

Parameter to
QueryPerf, QueryPerfComposite
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ManagedEntity, PerfMetricId

Data Object Description

This data object specifies the query paramters to be used while retrieving statistics.


Name Type Description
endTime*xsd:dateTime The time up to which statistics are retrieved. Corresponds to server time. When endTime is omitted, the returned result includes up to the most recent metric value. When an endTime is specified, the returned samples include the sample at endTime.
to a ManagedEntity
The ManagedEntity managed object whose performance statistics are being queried.
format*xsd:string The format to be used while returning the statistics.
See PerfFormat
intervalId*xsd:int The interval in seconds for which performance statistics are queried. There is a set of default intervals for historical statistics. See the Programming Guide for more more information about these default intervals. To retrieve the greatest available level of detail, the provider's refreshRate may be used for this property.
maxSample*xsd:int The maximum number of samples to be returned from server. The number of samples returned are more recent samples in the time range specified. For example, if the user specifies a maxSample of 1, but not a given time range, the most recent sample collected is returned. This parameter can be used only when querying for real-time statistics by setting the intervalId parameter to the provider's refreshRate. This argument is ignored for historical statistics.
metricId*PerfMetricId[] The performance metrics to be retrieved.
startTime*xsd:dateTime The time from which statistics are to be retrieved. Corresponds to server time. When startTime is omitted, the returned metrics start from the first available metric in the system. When a startTime is specified, the returned samples do not include the sample at startTime.
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