Managed Object - Datacenter

Property of
DatacenterEventArgument, DatacenterMismatch, DatacenterMismatchArgument
Parameter to
FindByDatastorePath, FindByDnsName, FindByIp, FindByUuid
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Datastore, Folder, HostConnectInfo, Network

Managed Object Description

The interface to the common container object for hosts and virtual machines. Every host and virtual machine must be under a distinct datacenter in the inventory, and datacenters may not be nested under other datacenters.


Name Type Description
to a Datastore[]
A collection of references to the datastore objects available in this datacenter.
hostFolder PManagedObjectReference
to a Folder
A reference to the folder hierarchy that contains the compute resources, including hosts and clusters, for this datacenter.

This folder is guaranteed to exist.

to a Network[]
A collection of references to the network objects available in this datacenter.
vmFolder PManagedObjectReference
to a Folder
A reference to the folder hierarchy that contains the virtual machines and templates for this datacenter.

This folder is guaranteed to exist.

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configIssue, configStatus, customValue, declaredAlarmState, disabledMethod, effectiveRole, name, overallStatus, parent, permission, recentTask, triggeredAlarmState
*May not be presentP Required privilege: System.View


Methods defined in this Managed Object
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Destroy_Task, Reload, Rename_Task


This method provides a way of getting basic information about a host without adding it to a datacenter. Connection wizards typically use this method to show information about a host so a user can confirm a set of changes before applying them.
Required Privileges


_thisManagedObjectReference A reference to the Datacenter used to make the method call.
hostnamexsd:string The target of the query.
portxsd:int The port number of the target host.
usernamexsd:string The name of the user _______
passwordxsd:string The password of the user _______

Return Value

Type Description


Type Description
AlreadyConnectedThrown if the host is already being managed by this server.
HostConnectFaultThrown if an error occurred when querying about a host. Typically, a more specific subclass, such as AlreadyBeingManaged, is thrown.
InvalidLoginThrown if unable to authenticate with the host.
NoHostThrown if unable to contact the host.
NotSupportedThrown if called directly on a host.
NotSupportedHostThrown if the software version on the host is not supported.
RuntimeFaultThrown if any type of runtime fault is thrown that is not covered by the other faults; for example, a communication error.

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