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Datastore, HostSystem, ResourcePool, VirtualMachineRelocateSpecDiskLocator, VirtualMachineRelocateTransformation

Data Object Description

Specification for moving or copying a virtual machine to a different datastore or host.


Name Type Description
to a Datastore
The datastore where the virtual machine should be located. If not specified, the current datastore is used.
disk*VirtualMachineRelocateSpecDiskLocator[] An optional list that allows specifying the datastore location for each virtual disk.
to a HostSystem
The target host for the virtual machine. If not specified,
  • if resource pool is not specified, current host is used.
  • if resource pool is specified, and the target pool represents a stand-alone host, the host is used.
  • if resource pool is specified, and the target pool represents a DRS-enabled cluster, a host selected by DRS is used.
  • if resource pool is specified and the target pool represents a cluster without DRS enabled, an InvalidArgument exception be thrown.
to a ResourcePool
The resource pool to which this virtual machine should be attached. For a relocate or clone operation to a virtual machine, if the argument is not supplied, the current resource pool of virtual machine is used. For a clone to a template, this argument is ignored.
transform*VirtualMachineRelocateTransformation Transformation to perform on the disks. The backend is free to ignore this hint if it is not valid for the current operation. This can be used by clients, for example, to create sparse disks for templates.
See VirtualMachineRelocateTransformation
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