Data Object - VirtualMachineConfigInfo

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VirtualMachine, VirtualMachineSnapshot
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HostCpuIdInfo, OptionValue, ResourceAllocationInfo, ToolsConfigInfo, VirtualHardware, VirtualMachineAffinityInfo, VirtualMachineConfigInfoDatastoreUrlPair, VirtualMachineConsolePreferences, VirtualMachineDefaultPowerOpInfo, VirtualMachineFileInfo, VirtualMachineFlagInfo, VirtualMachineNetworkShaperInfo

Data Object Description

The ConfigInfo data object type encapsulates the configuration settings and virtual hardware for a virtual machine. This type holds all the information that is present in the .vmx configuration file for the virtual machine.


Name Type Description
annotation*xsd:string Description for the virtual machine.
changeVersionxsd:string The changeVersion is a unique identifier for a given version of the configuration. Each change to the configuration updates this value. This is typically implemented as an ever increasing count or a time-stamp. However, a client should always treat this as an opaque string.
consolePreferences*VirtualMachineConsolePreferences Legacy console viewer preferences when doing power operations.
cpuAffinity*VirtualMachineAffinityInfo Affinity settings for CPU.
cpuAllocation*ResourceAllocationInfo Resource limits for CPU.
cpuFeatureMask*HostCpuIdInfo[] Specifies CPU feature compatibility masks that override the defaults from the GuestOsDescriptor of the virtual machine's guest OS.
datastoreUrl*VirtualMachineConfigInfoDatastoreUrlPair[] Enumerates the set of datastores that this virtual machine is stored on, as well as the URL identification for each of these.

Changes to datastores do not generate property updates on this property. However, when this property is retreived it returns the current datastore information.

defaultPowerOpsVirtualMachineDefaultPowerOpInfo Configuration of default power operations.
extraConfig*OptionValue[] Additional configuration information for the virtual machine.
filesVirtualMachineFileInfo Information about the files associated with a virtual machine. This information does not include files for specific virtual disks or snapshots.
flagsVirtualMachineFlagInfo Additional flags for a virtual machine.
guestFullNamexsd:string This is the full name of the guest operating system for the virtual machine. For example: Windows 2000 Professional.
guestIdxsd:string Guest operating system configured on a virtual machine. This is a guest identifier that can be used to access the GuestOsDescriptor list for information about default configuration. For more information on possible values, see VirtualMachineGuestOsIdentifier.
hardwareVirtualHardware Processor, memory, and virtual devices for a virtual machine.
locationId*xsd:string Hash incorporating the virtual machine's config file location and the UUID of the host assigned to run the virtual machine.
memoryAffinity*VirtualMachineAffinityInfo Affinity settings for memory.
memoryAllocation*ResourceAllocationInfo Resource limits for memory.
modifiedxsd:dateTime Last time a virtual machine's configuration was modified.
namexsd:string Display name of the virtual machine.

Any / (slash), \ (backslash), character used in this name element is escaped. Similarly, any % (percent) character used in this name element is escaped, unless it is used to start an escape sequence. A slash is escaped as %2F or %2f. A backslash is escaped as %5C or %5c, and a percent is escaped as %25.

networkShaper*VirtualMachineNetworkShaperInfo Resource limits for network.
templatexsd:boolean Flag indicating whether or not a virtual machine is a template.
tools*ToolsConfigInfo Configuration of VMware Tools running in the guest operating system.
uuidxsd:string 128-bit SMBIOS UUID of a virtual machine represented as a hexadecimal string in "12345678-abcd-1234-cdef-123456789abc" format.
versionxsd:string The version string for this virtual machine.
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