Troubleshooting Installation Problems

RHEL: RabbitMQ Server Does Not Start

Problem: When you first try to start the vFabric RabbitMQ server on RHEL after installing it, you immediately get an error that the startup FAILED, and you see the following in the /var/log/rabbitmq/startup_log file:

=ERROR REPORT==== 6-Apr-2012::16:08:17 ===
failed to start TCP Listener on [::]:5672 - eaddrinuse (address already in use)

Solution: An existing process (such as Apache Qpid) that is running and listening on port 5672, which is the default AMQP port. You must stop this process before you can start vFabric RabbitMQ.

For example, if Apache Qpid is running, you can stop it and make sure it does not restart by default:

prompt$ sudo /sbin/service qpidd stop & chkconfig --del qpidd

Check with your system administrator for the specific steps that you should perform on your particular environment.