Windows: Start and Stop the RabbitMQ Server

You must first start the RabbitMQ server to use it. The default configuration for the server is usually adequate to start it.

The Windows vFabric RabbitMQ installation process installs the server as a Windows service and configures it so that it starts automatically when you start your Windows computer. The install process also added a RabbitMQ Server entry to the Windows Start menu that you use to control (start, stop) the server, easily view the log files, and so on. The installation process also starts a server by default.



  1. Log in to your Windows machine as the user who installed vFabric RabbitMQ server, such as the Administrator.

  2. From the Windows Start menu, select All Programs > RabbitMQ Server > Start Service to start the RabbitMQ server.

    The service runs in the security context of the system account without requiring a user to be logged in on a console.

    Use the same process for stopping, reinstalling, and removing the service.

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