Ubuntu: Install vFabric RabbitMQ from the vFabric Debian Package Repository

It is recommended that you install vFabric RabbitMQ on a computer running Ubuntu by first installing the vFabric Debian package repository and then using apt-get to perform the RabbitMQ installation.



  1. From the Ubuntu computer on which you will install vFabric RabbitMQ, log in as the root user (or as an unprivileged user who has sudo privileges) and start a terminal.

  2. Execute the following apt-get command:

    prompt# apt-get install rabbitmq-server

    The apt-get command begins the install process, resolves dependencies, and displays the packages it will install.

    If necessary, use sudo to run the preceding command if you are not logged in as the root user:

    prompt$ sudo apt-get install rabbitmq-server

What the apt-get install command does

The apt-get install command:

What to do next