vFabric Hyperic 5.0

The following guides document VMware® vFabric™ Hyperic® and Hyperic HQ functionality. Hyperic is a performance management tool that provides visibility into applications and infrastructure across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. It consolidates discovery, monitoring, analysis and control of application, system, and network assets. Read this documentation to understand what you can do with Hyperic and to install, configure, and work with vFabric Hyperic and Hyperic HQ.

  • vFabric Hyperic Overview. Basic concepts such as monitoring, resources and resource types, autodiscovery, alerts, and metric collection. This guide is for anyone who needs to understand Hyperic functionality.

  • Getting Started with vFabric Hyperic. Procedures for installing vFabric Hyperic components, including setting up the Hyperic database, installing the Hyperic Server and Hyperic Agents. This guide is for operations personnel who set up and support the core Hyperic infrastructure.

  • vFabric Hyperic Configuration. Procedures for configuring and managing the Hyperic server and Hyperic Agents. This guide is for operations personnel who set up and support the core Hyperic infrastructure.

  • vFabric Hyperic Administration. Procedures for getting resources into inventory, configuring monitoring and alerting, and managing users and roles. This guide is for Hyperic administrators who implement and support the Hyperic monitoring envionment.

  • vFabric Hyperic Resource Configuration and Metrics. Plug-in-specific reference material that supplements vFabric Hyperic Administration. For selected product plug-ins, this guide documents the configuration (if any) required to manage resources, and the metrics that Hyperic can collect for a each resource type the plug-in manages. This guide is for for Hyperic administrators who configure resources for monitoring.

  • vFabric Hyperic Monitoring and Management. Procedures for using the Hyperic monitoring user interface, performing resource control actions, and processing fired alerts. This guide is for operations personnel who monitor resources with Hyperic.

  • vFabric Hyperic User Interface. Online help for each page in the Hyperic user interface. This guide is for users who interact with the Hyperic user interface.

  • vFabric Hyperic Web Services API. Procedures for running each API from the command line and introductory information for calling the APIs from Java. This guide is for administrators and support personnel who automate Hyperic configuration and administration processes, or integrate Hyperic with other systems.

  • vFabric Hyperic Product Plug-in Development. Information about the XML plug-in descriptor that is the basis of every plug-in, Hyperic support classes for auto-discovery, measurement, control, and other management functions. This guide is for developers who customize Hyperic plug-ins or build new plug-ins.

Use of "Hyperic," "vFabric Hyperic," and "Hyperic HQ"

vFabric Hyperic is the commercial version of the Hyperic product, available as part of vFabric Suite (previously known as "vFabric Platform") and as a standalone product. Hyperic HQ is the open-source version of Hyperic. The products have many simililarities, although vFabric Hyperic has a number of features that the open source offering does not.

As a general rule in documentation text, "Hyperic" is used in contexts that apply to both vFabric Hyperic and Hyperic HQ. "vFabric Hyperic" and "Hyperic HQ" (or "HQ") are used in contexts that apply specifically to one product or the other. Exceptions include titles of Hyperic guides, which refer to vFabric Hyperic, and some "HQ" references in the user interface and code that apply to both products.