A new instance of a virtual machine that runs an inventory management application is required at ACME Corp. As an administrator for the tenant group that is responsible for inventory management, you can use the vCloud Suite Infrastructure as a Service capability to deploy and manage the workload.

In this scenario, the infrastructure service is preconfigured for your organization.


Open a Web browser and log in to the vCloud Automation Center portal.


Select Infrastructure > Blueprints > Blueprints.


Review the configuration of the Warehouse Manager blueprint.

When deployed, the vSphere blueprint uses the reservation policy vSphere and the machine prefix is WarehouseMgr-.


In the vCloud Automation Center portal, click Catalog.

All services are listed.


Select a service in the catalog.

All catalog items appear that are linked to the Development Infrastructure service and that are available for the user.

Select the Development Infrastructure service.


Click an item to view details.

The Catalog Item Details page shows information regarding the item, including the type and available configurations.


Lease duration


Memory (MB)

Storage (GB)


Reason for request

All modifications change the daily and lease costs.

When you are finished reviewing the settings, click Submit , and click OK.


Click Request.

Wait for an approval from the assigned role, and provision your workload.