External dependencies address other systems or technologies that depend on or might be affected by the vCloud Suite infrastructure.

External Dependencies in vCloud Suite



Active Directory

Active Directory is required to implement and operate the vCloud Suite infrastructure.


DNS must be configured for connectivity between vCenter Server, Active Directory, ESXi hosts, and virtual machines.


PXE boot is required for vSphere Auto Deploy functionality.

64-bit Windows OS

Some vCloud Suite components can be installed on Windows Server 2008 and later. vCloud Director requires RHEL or CentOS Linux.

Microsoft SQL or Oracle database

vCloud Suite components can work with embedded or external databases, depending on the product and your environment.

Network infrastructure

Network infrastructure with 1Gbps or 10Gbps switches. Depending on the needs of your environment, higher throughput is recommended.

Storage Area Network

Stability and performance of the SAN affects the virtual machines.

Time synchronization

Accurate time keeping and time synchronization is critical for a healthy vSphere infrastructure. All components, including ESXi hosts, vCenter Server, the SAN, physical network infrastructure, and virtual machine guest operating systems must have accurate time keeping. This is especially critical for virtual machines protected by FT.


Properly trained IT staff is critical for the correct implementation, operation, support, and enhancement of your environment.

Policies and procedures

The policies and procedures governing the use of information technology must be revised to properly incorporate the unique properties and capabilities of virtualization and cloud operations.