Monitoring is a required element of a software-defined data center. The monitoring element provides capabilities for performance and capacity management of related infrastructure components, including requirements, specifications, management, and their relationships.

VMware monitoring components in vCenter Operations Manager Suite include the following products:

Monitoring products in vCloud Suite

Monitoring component


vCenter Operations Manager

Provides comprehensive visibility and insights into the performance, capacity and health of your infrastructure.

vCenter Infrastructure Navigator

Automatically discovers application services, visualizes relationships and maps dependencies of applications on virtualized compute, storage and network resources.

vCenter Hyperic

Monitors application health and is fundamental to the operation of VMware AppHA.

A subset of the products can be deployed without damaging the integrity of the solution.

vCenter Operations Manager is distributed as virtual appliance that you can deploy on ESXi hosts. You need to configure the virtual appliance and register it with a vCenter Server system. For an in-depth discussion of vCenter Operations Manager and related products, see

Monitoring with vCenter Operations Manager
Monitoring with vCenter Operations Manager

The vCenter Operations Manager vApp contains two virtual machines. One of the virtual machines runs the analytics engine, and the other runs the user interface component. Plug-ins enable you to add additional functionality, according to the needs of your environment. You can use and configure vCenter Operations Manager by using the Web-based interface.