Updating vCloud Suite components to newer versions requires you to perform separate update procedures. Follow the recommended update order to ensure that vCloud Suite updates complete without problems.

You should perform the update operations according to the recommeded sequence. Some of the products in the sequence are bundled in groups. You can install the products that belong to a specific group in any order.

Verify that you have the required installation or upgrade packages.

Verify that you have administrator privileges for all systems.


Upgrade vCloud Automation Center.

See Upgrading to vCloud Automation Center 6.1.


Update the following components:


Update documentation

vCloud Automation Center Application Services

Upgrade Guide

You can migrate data from Application Director to a fresh installation of vCloud Automation Center Application Services.

vCenter Configuration Manager

Installation Guide

vCloud Director

Upgrading vCloud Director


Update vCloud Networking and Security.

See vShield Installation and Upgrade Guide.


Update vCenter Server.

See Upgrading vCenter Server.


Update vCenter Orchestrator.

Installing and Upgrading Orchestrator.


Update the following components:


Update documentation

vCenter Site Recovery Manager

Upgrading Site Recovery Manager

vSphere Replication

Upgrading vSphere Replication

vCenter Operations Manager

Deployment and Configuration Guide

vSphere Data Protection

Administration Guide

vCenter Infrastructure Navigator

Installation and Configuration Guide

vCenter Hyperic

vCenter Hyperic Installation and Configuration

vSphere Big Data Extensions

Upgrading Big Data Extensions


Update ESXi.

See Upgrading Your Hosts.

You should update VMware tools on your VMs after the ESXi update.


Update the following components:


Installation instructions

vShield Edge

vShield Installation and Upgrade Guide

vShield App

vShield Installation and Upgrade Guide

vShield Endpoint

vShield Installation and Upgrade Guide

You have updated vCloud Suite components.